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My mission and charge in life is to empower, educate and to leave a legacy for the next generation of game-changing women!   

Yep, I'm talking about the stuff we all feel but don't speak on (but would be willing to listen and be a fly on the wall if someone was talking about it). Subjects such as:





 disconnection from life





These are the taboo talks that take you from being on the side-lines to being in the game and scoring touchdowns of living your best life. This is what I call COACHING!



Exclusively designed for high-achieving women, each workshop is designed and themed to create an experience that will allow you to discover your passion, fuel your purpose and intentionally create a life you desire and deserve. 

From the moment you enter the room, you are immersed in thought-provoking, life-changing environments that are crafted specifically to reconnect you to your superpower and your inner-it girl.

From the football field to the conference room, each location of the workshop brings a unique element of discovery, truth and fun that will leave a lasting impact on your life. For this reason, workshops are limited and are invitation-only to capture the raw, authentic experience.

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Did I mention that I love working with global high-achieving women?

I am on a mission to shift the mindsets of the next generation of influencers, atmosphere-changers, thought-leaders, and creatives that will carry the torch forward. We cannot expect change until we acknowledge we are not happy where we are. Together we can identify the pain and stop the pain.

HOW? Through The Formula! I design conversations, create sacred space to have raw, funny, unfiltered truths of designing a life you secretly desire and deserve. Creativity and inspiration is contagious and when you are surround by other who aspire for the same result..CHANGE HAPPENS!

Allow me to help usher in the change for you!