I help women discover their superpower and their inner "IT" girl .

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I cannot tell you exactly when I lost it or how long I'd been without it, but one thing was certain. I lost my superpower and my inner "IT" girl.

I'm not sure if I lost it when I entered the workforce, possibly when I got married and had children, or maybe, it was the audacity to become an entrepreneur, but my authentic truth was … I had lost my way.

Sure, on the outside, I was a #boss slaying goals, making moves and making money, however, inside my life, privately, I became a woman in crisis. A robot with no connection to her life. A woman on auto-pilot, not to mention, I was ---- just-so-tired. As I struggled to make sense of who I had become and the life I was living, I realized, I had to reclaim and transform my life. Piece by piece, I started to reclaim my who I was as a woman and design a new life. A life that I wake up to excited to live and a lifestyle that I am creating intentionally. This divine experience was my heartache to share so it would not be yours.

Through this experience, I discovered my true calling, my mission and my heart-centered life’s work. I became committed to empowering and motivating women to achieve a life they desire and deserve. In plain language without the life coach talk... I help you tell your truth. Truths about yourself, truths about your life and truths about your future.

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I absolutely love working with high-achieving women (yes, that would be you) who are living the every-day, in-the-trenches grind, working hard to be innovators, though-leaders and game-changers. I too, lived the same life you are living right now! That is no longer my story, I discovered my truth and strategy that now allows me to live in my truth...I found...THE FORMULA!

Life truly begins and freedom can be experienced when we are honest about our truths. You too, can achieve a life that ignites your passion, fuels your purpose and attracts financial success.

 With over a decade of experience, I have had the honor and privilege to mentor, partner and coach dynamic women successfully on life strategies regarding:

  • Money

  • Career/Entrepreneurship

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Life & Lifestyle

Let's face it, there are raw, unfiltered truths about life that we do not discuss and keep private. Those unfiltered truths help you unlock the door to see a life and lifestyle beyond what’s in front of you.

Join me in journey to reclaiming your super-power, which is our truth.




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I am opening a limited-high achieving women coaching engagement for the year. Working with high-achieving women in crisis in the 6 Pillar of Life: • career • finance • relationships • entrepreneurship • children • life or lifestyle

I partner with you to restore hope, reconnect you to your truth and reclaim the life you desire and deserve. Using The Formula™, we shift your mindset to create a strategy that will to ignite your passion, fuel your purpose and attract financial success.

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Ready to take your life to the next level? Let’s do this!!!!!

The 2018 Dream. Strategy. Reality. Life Series are workshop experiences that will are sure to make an impact on your life.

We will have strategy sessions, workshops, conference calls and dynamic experiences to catapult you to living your best life.

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LaChelle T. Parker is the go-to Lifestyle Commentator to discuss real-life topics of money, family, career, relationships, and lifestyle.

LaChelle shares raw, unfiltered truth about life's experiences and unlocks the audience's vision to see a life and lifestyle beyond what’s in front of them.

She will have your audience engaged, learning and laughing hysterically at the same time.


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