My Life Isn't Perfect...But I'm Working On It

How many of us want our life to be perfect?

As you nod your head yes and immediately think your life is far from it, I want to share the importance of being intentional and making the decision to work on it everyday and I made the shift from being miserable in my life to working on loving my life with small changes.

I can remember one day saying to myself, there is nothing about living this life that I am excited about. The horrible wake-up time, the dreaded car ride to a job I hated, only to return home exhausted and disconnected from the only thing that brought joy to my life….my family.

I was so emotionally exhausted just trying to get through the day that I had nothing left to give my family, myself or my life. The only thing I knew for sure was this was not the life I wanted to live.

Slowly and surly, I began to make adjustments in my life. Some were small, like changing the alarm on my bed to the beautiful sounds of the ocean and birds chirping to learning how to say no to preserve my personal time. As well as managing my time better to ensure I fit something in my day that made me happy. An example of this meant a good pedicure at the end of the week where I put down my phone and sit in those big massage chairs.

These little changes lead to bigger changes in my life that allowed me enjoy my family more, create a work-life balance and continue to design a life that I am excited to live.

You too, can make these small incremental changes that will add up to discovering the joys of your life again. Maybe start with the following 3 tips and see how they work for you.

  1. Think about what little joys you can have during the week (watching your favorite TV show, a decadent dessert, snuggling in your favorite PJ). Whatever makes you smile and feel good…DO IT.

  2. Eliminate the time-killers that eat up your day. That extra hour on Instagram or Facebook that you didn’t intent to do (where does the time go?). The many errands you do right after work which means you get home later in the evening, leaving no down-time for you. Organize your time. It’s the only thing in life we cannot get back…TIME.

  3. Learn how to say the following….no, no thank you, and sorry, not this time,. You cannot be everything to everyone and when you try, you burn yourself out. It’s OK to sit one out for the sake of mental health and not feel guilty about it.

I hope you will give these 3 tips a try and along the way these tips will lead to more tips you discover for YOU as create a life with intention, joy and happiness.

Designing Life In Truth,


LaChelle Parker