7 steps not to give up


 Keep it posted somewhere so you can see it every day like on the refrigerator. 


2.     Accountability Society  

That’s right a Society!  Having just one person is not going to cut it.  You can hide from one person’s calls or text messages. However, if you have an entire Society holding you accountable, hiding becomes much harder. 


3.     STEPS & WINS

Breakdown your goal into small easy obtainable steps.  When you breakdown you steps into small goals and achieve them, you create satisfaction and momentum to get to the next step. Before you know it, you have achieved your goal. Small wins are still wins nonetheless.


4.     GET IT OUT!

I don’t know why most people don’t talk about this phase but I believe it so important. Achieving your goal is not rainbows and unicorns people!!!! It’s natural to feel frustrated. If you don’t allow yourself to express your feelings, you become frustrated and abandon the processso …..GET IT OUT!   


5.     Pray, Pray, Pray

….did I say pray.  I am a Christian woman and believe in the Power of Prayer.  Not to mention, I love me some Jesus.  There is something about going to Jesus in pray to tell him your real truth.  If you are truly in tuned to the Spirit, he will always send confirmation that you are on the right path.  



Stop thinking you are going to get instant success.  OK, real truth…..this was me.  I’m not sure where I picked this belief up but this is sooooo not true.  Everything in life requires work and sometimes the return of your hard work or ROI (Return on Investment) takes longer than you thought.


   7.     Remember YOUR WHY…

Why are you doing this? It’s important to ask yourself this question and remember your answer often. No matter what curveball may come your way if you remember your WHY, you can stay on track. 



Sounds corny I know, but give it a try.   Remember each day is a day you have never experienced before. Wake up anticipating something new, different and exciting is going to happen. That extra whip cream on your Latte isn’t what you ordered but was delicious and a pleasant surprise.

LaChelle Parker2018