The Remarkable Everyday Woman

Most people get their accolades by connecting themselves with Fortune 500 Companies, high-powered executives, top-ranked athletes, or mega superstars. However, the most remarkable, important client a lifestyle strategist can ever have is the EVERYDAY WOMAN. 

There are 1.49 billion people in the world and out of the 1.49 billion people, only 0.00041 are famous. (According to WIRED as of 1.13.17). Athletes, celebrities, public figures and corporate executives only represent 1 in 10,000 people. So why are we so obsessed with these celebrity figures? 

The everyday woman is what the world is made-up of, not those we see on TV and even those we see on TV are images and brand that are carefully crafted and hiding in the background are multiple cameras, cameramen, microphones, makeup artist, hair stylist, personal assistants, and public relations manager all standing behind the scenes.  We only get to see what the lens shows.  Their life is not as what it appears to be so why do we idolize and study them so closely?

It is the everyday woman that makes life go round and makes things happen on a DAILY BASIS. It is us to represent the majority we see getting up every morning, hitting the snooze button, getting breakfast ready for the family, heading to work, slaying work-goals and still come home at the end of the day to show love to our loved ones, with some of us going to school online or the weekends, hitting our weight-goals, being ever so conscious of our health, and still have time to be that good girlfriend and that amazing fashionista. 

So, I decided that I would not focus my business as a lifestyle strategist to the 0.00041 population of the world but to focus my passion and gift as lifestyle strategist to the woman that represent me when I am on the road at 7:00am headed to work to be a #BOSS and focus on not a lifestyle that I see on TV but to focus on living my best life in the here and now. I am here for them!

What many people don’t realize and understand is the glitz and glamour is only temporary moment.  Everyday living in between those glitz and glamour moments are what count and even though people don’t see this is where the heart of LIFE lies. 

I want women to be excited about THEIR lives no matter where you are.  From the woman striving to earn just a little more each paycheck to the woman who decided to invest in herself to continue their education or the entrepreneur who decides to “go for it” and start a business.  

Focusing on women who are stuck between two worlds of one of what they see on TV and the world they actually live in once they turn the TV off. It’s interesting how the more I stretch myself to dream big and live beyond what is comfortable it becomes increasingly clear how the world I see on TV becomes less desirable and less authentic the closer I start to live out my dreams and goals.

I want to share my gift of inspiration, and motivation to those who look like me and juggle family and work and still crush their goals and are living their dream. It’s not on TV but it is LIVE AND IN PERSON.  It is living a life with intention.  It is living a life that is purpose-filled, shared with loved ones, having enough wealth and freedom to allow me to express myself and to live my life out LOUD.

So what is a Lifestyle Strategist?  A lifestyle strategist is one who identifies a woman’s life cycle and inspires thought provoking actions to open up the vault of your dreams, hopes, goals and visions and bring them front and center to create a strategy to implement them LIVEN AND IN PERSON. Not in 6-months or 6 weeks or 6 years.  It’s right now at this very moment. No it doesn’t take money, it only takes time and an investment in you. Starting small is still starting and every dollar you use to put toward your dream is the best investment you can make. 

It took me a while to understand that one of the best things I could do with my money was to invest in myself.  That meant have an enormous student loan bill, that meant paying for website designers, booking photo shoots, paying for conferences and volunteering my time. I’m not a big gambler and I hate to waste money.  After a while it clicked, the money I spent on each of the above items was the best investment I could make….which was myself.  I only bet on things that I know I will get a return on and I am my best BET.  

I’m only speaking from my life and talking from my experiences.

So I encourage you to stop fantasying about celebrity lifestyles of the rich and famous and look around the world that both you and I live in everyday and start reaching and living those dreams and goals.  You just may realize that it’s not too farfetched than you think. Living your life and living it abundantly is within your reach and how we ALL are suppose to live our lives.

In Truth,


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