What’s The Highlight Reel of Your Life?


What’s The Highlight Reel of Your Life?

If you were to show the highlight reel of your life in the last 30 days what would it look like? Days filled with 6:00 am wake-ups, robotically driving in rush hour traffic or catching the subway mindlessly to work, then sitting behind a computer screen for 8 hours only to decompress in a fog at home by 8:00 pm?  

Not so long ago, that was the highlight reel to my life. My highlight reel was sad, disappointing and just pathetic.  Days of repetition going through life with no emotion, just trying to make it one day to the next.

One day, I was sitting in my office parking lot and for the life of me, I could not remember how I got there!  Nope, I do not remember any of it.  I had no recollection of me getting in my car, navigating the highway and cars (with no accidents) and arriving at my office parking lot.  THAT WAS SCARY. This was how much of a robot I was to the everyday grind of my life. I can remember sobbing to myself saying, my life has to be more than this. 

From that day onward, I began to make changes. First, it was small changes like removing that annoying alarm sound that makes you want to throw the alarm clock against the wall.  Instead, I changed the sound of the alarm to gentle ocean waves and seagulls singing in the sky.  It immediately changed my mood.  Then, I started to meditate and stretch right after the shower. Who knew the physical and wellness benefits of stretching and meditating before starting the day! #winning

When I would arrive at the office I would have an empowering moment at my desk. Whether it was reading a motivational quote or reminding myself of how #boss I really am, it brought a peace and calm over me that allowed me to focus on my day without just jumping right into work. 

I also began to plan my day better and to find more fun and delight in my life. For me, it was getting a pedicure and a manicure once a month.  I couldn’t afford a full-body massage, however, those chairs at the nail salon were the next best thing when money was tight.  From there, I began to be more active on the weekends. We all love sleeping in on Saturday’s however, I made sure I planned something fun and exciting over the weekend.  

Slowly and surely I began to LIVE. I started writing and discovered my passion for telling my truths about life and experiences to others. My life looks very different from those robotic days. Now, the highlight reel to my life, is funny, inspiring, interesting and filled with unexpected plot twist and turns and when you think about it, isn’t that how life is supposed to be lived? Life does not happen TO us it happens FOR us.

LaChelle Parker2018