Poverty Is a Mindset

Did you know poverty is a mindset…and a mindset that can be changed?

Many of us had to climb, scrape and fight to earn every dime we have and although we earn a lot more now. It what we think about money and our mindset around how we keep it.

For many of us, we are the first generation.

  • The first to earn a college degree,

  • the first to buy a home,

  • the first to earn that title and salary

However, many of us were never taught about money. Our relationship to money and our mindset around it.

How do we change the mindset and the poverty thinking that has impacted our bloodline?

  1. Eliminate the fear that you will not be able to obtain money.

  2. Believe that are deserve to receive every dollar you earn and more.

  3. Envision what having abundance feels and looks like on a daily basis.

  4. Research areas of finances that you struggle with and look for ways to improve.

  5. Start boldly, executing ways to of what you learn about finances in everyday life.

  6. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

This is The Formula!

LaChelle Parker